Volume 6, 2003



E. San Juan, Jr.

"Marxism and the Race/Class Problematic:
A Re-Articulation"

Martha Gimenez

"The Politics of Exile: Class, Power, and the 'Exilic'"

Matthew Sharpe

"The Logo as Fetish:
Marxist Themes in Naomi Klein's No Logo"

Greg Dawes

"Realism, Surrealism, Socialist Realism
and Neruda's "Guided Spontaneity"

George Snedeker

"Closing Time" (On William S. Burroughs)

Kenneth J. Saltman

"Education as Enforcement:
The Militarization and Corporatization of Schools"

Russell Reising

"Iron Curtains and Satin Sheets:
'Strange Loves' in Cold War Popular Music"

Leonard A. Stone

"Harold Pinter and the Fragmentation
of Working-Class Consciousness"


John F. Welsh

Robert J. Antonio, ed., Marx and Modernity:
Key Readings and Commentary

Lucas MacKenzie

Ken Richardson, The Origins Of Human Potential,
and The Making Of Intelligence

Grover Furr

Ronald Radosh, Mary Radosh Habeck, and Grigory Sevostianov, eds.,
Spain Betrayed:
The Soviet Union in the Spanish Civil War

Wendy Fisher

(Open) Letter to Grover Furr


Susan Bright and Alan Pogue

"Girl with Fragment"


David Siar

"Signs of the Time:
Anti-War Protest Images, Raleigh, NC, February 15, 2003"


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