Volume 7, 2004



Bertell Ollman

"Marxism and Progress"

David Ruccio and Joseph Buttigieg

"'All that is holy is profaned':
The Market and the University"


Dave Hill

"Educational Perversion and Global Neo-Liberalism:
A Marxist Critique"

Robin Hirsch

"Logic and Dialectics"

Bruno Gulli

"War and Peace as War"

Jim Neilson

"Fertilizing Bush:
Growing a Great Leader for Difficult Times"

Anne Fairchild Pomeroy

"Why Marx, Why Now?:
A Recollection of Dunayevskaya's Power of Negativity"

Rich Gibson

"The California Grocery Strike"

Larry Schwartz

"Philip Roth's I Married A Communist:
Re-thinking the Cold War"

Charles Reitz

"Teaching About Oppression and Exploitation:
Critical Theory and the Origins of Inequality"

Jason Berger

"Tethering the Butterfly:
Revisiting Jameson's
'Postmodernism and Consumer Society'
and the Paradox of Resistance"

Karsten H. Piep

"A Question of Politics, Economics, or Both?
The Neumann-Pollock Debate in Light of Marcuse's
'State and Individual under National Socialism'"


Tony Monchinsky

"Derailing the Bush Crazy Train:
An Interview with Frances Fox Piven"


Gary Pearce

Martin Ryle and Kate Soper, To Relish the Sublime?
Culture and Self-Realization in Postmodern Times

Paul Burkett

Benjamin Johnson, Patrick Kavanagh, and
Kevin Mattson, eds., Steal This University

Philip Bounds

Neil McKenna, The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde

Joseph G. Ramsey

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 and
Sam Green and Bill Siegel's The Weather Underground


John Seed

"Dan Cullen, Docker"


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