Special Section: Theodore W. Allen


     Historian Theodore "Ted" Allen died this past February after a long battle with cancer. The editors of this journal mourn the loss of this great scholar, whose writings, political commitment, and friendship have touched our lives and the lives of so many others. We are also proud to have published a number of Ted's essays, including a two-part summary of his ground-breaking work, The Invention of the White Race; his study of David Roediger's Wages of Whiteness; and articles on affirmative action and the 2000 census. In addition, we published an interview with Ted that was conducted by Greg Meyerson and Jon Scott several years ago. For readers' convenience, the URLs for these works are listed below:

Part 1 of "Summary of the Argument of the Invention of the White Race" -- <http://eserver.org/clogic/1-2/allen.html>

Part 2 of "Summary of the Argument of the Invention of the White Race" -- <http://eserver.org/clogic/1-2/allen2.html>

"An Interview with Theodore Allen" by Greg Meyerson and Jon Scott: -- <http://eserver.org/clogic/1-2/allen%20interview.html>

"In Defense of Affirmative Action in Employment" -- <http://eserver.org/clogic/1-2/affirmative.html>

"'Race' and 'Ethnicity': History and the 2000 Census" -- <http://eserver.org/clogic/3-1%262/allen.html>

"On Roediger's Wages of Whiteness" -- <http://eserver.org/clogic/4-2/allen.html>

     In this issue, we are featuring an essay that Ted sent us in the fall of 2004 on István Mészáros's Beyond Capital. Prefacing that essay is a tribute to Ted written by his close friend and literary executor, Jeff Perry. We are grateful to Jeff for his assistance in helping to prepare Ted's manuscript of the Mészáros piece.


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