Special Section:
Reclaiming Identity


The two essays in this section are reprinted from the recently released book from the University of California Press, Reclaiming Identity: Realist Theory and the Predicament of Postmodernism, edited by Paula M. L. Moya and Michael R. Hames-García.

Our next issue will include 5 review essays on the the book, essays by Carol Moeller, Leslie Roman, Robert Young, Barbara Foley and Martha Gimenez. In addition, there will be a roundtable with Satya Mohanty, Paula Moya, Michael Hames-García and Gregory Meyerson on the topic of "Marxism, Moral Objectivity and Identity." We welcome comments on the Moya and Mohanty essays printed here.


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Cultural Logic, ISSN 1097-3087, Volume 3, Numbers 2, Spring, 2000.