Special Issue:

Marxism and Education

Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2000


Edited by

Rich Gibson and E. Wayne Ross





Peter McLaren and Glenn Rikowski

"Pedagogy for Revolution against Education for Capital:
An E-Dialogue on Education in Capitalism Today"


Pauline Lipman

"Bush's Education Plan, Globalization, and the Politics of Race"

Alfie Kohn

"Fighting the Tests:
A Practical Guide to Rescuing Our Schools"

Gilbert G. Gonzalez

"The Ideology and Practice of Empire:
The U. S., Mexico, and the Education of Mexican Immigrants"

Patrick Shannon

"A Marxist Reading of Reading Education"

David Hursh

"Neoliberalism and the Control of Teachers, Students, and Learning:
The Rise of Standards, Standardization, and Accountability"

Les Levidow

"Marketizing Higher Education:
Neoliberal Strategies and Counter-Strategies"

Kevin D. Vinson and E. Wayne Ross

"Education and the New Disciplinarity:
Surveillance, Spectacle, and the Case of SBER"

Rich Gibson

"Teaching About The Nazi Holocaust in the Context of
Comprehending and Overcoming Fascism"

Bertell Ollman

Exerpts from How to Take an Exam . . . and Remake the World


Tony Monchinski and Bertell Ollman

"Capitalist Schooling:
An Interview with Bertell Ollman"


Contributors' Notes

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Volume 4, Number 1




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