"There is the employer's sabotage as well as the worker's sabotage. Employers interfere with the quality of production, they interfere with the quantity of production, they interfere with the supply as well as with the kind of goods for the purpose of increasing their profit. But this form of sabotage, capitalist sabotage, is antisocial, for the reason that it is aimed at the benefit of the few at the expense of the many, whereas working-class sabotage is distinctly social, it is aimed at the benefit of the many, at the expense of the few." Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, "Sabotage: Its Necessity in the Class War" (1916)

"Class struggle is basic to the capitalist mode of production in the region of 'mental' labor, just as it is to be found in the realm of physical production. It is basic not because it is a sign of the special quality of mental labor, but because it is simply labor." George Caffentzis, "Why Machines Cannot Create Value"

Rise of the Education Management Organization
A Special Issue of Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor, together with a  companion critical volume
edited by Marc Bousquet and Laura Snyder
coming summer 2002





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