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Credits for Volume One, Number One




Thanks to Jim Hellman of the Wichita State University and Hellman Design, Wichita, KS, for the Cultural Logiclogo.

Photos/Images (GIFS):

"globe" (Larsen essay): public domain

"chaos" (Szeman review): Scott Camazine/Photo Researches, Inc. (reprinted in Microsoft® Encarta 97)

"graduate" (Gibson essay); "cultstudies" (Katz essay); "TQMState" (Ebert essay); "literature" (Comitini review): David Siar

"tvlady" collage (Stabile essay): David Siar. Individual photos: "tvlady": Bettman Archive (reprinted in Microsoft® Encarta 97); "scientists": Life Magazine, Dec. 15, 1952; "A-bomb": DOE / Science Source (reprinted in Microsoft® Encarta 97)

"Burroughs1" (Youdelman essay): Les Levine ("Burroughs2" retouched by David Siar)

"Lorca" (Dawes essay): Rogelio Robles Romero Saavedra

"protest" (Kumar poem): Amitava Kumar

(from the "Links" page): "Marx": Archiv Für Kunst Und Geschichte Berlin; "Engels": Archive Photos; "Trotsky": Bettman Archive; "Lenin": Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Melodiya; "Luxemburg": Archive Photos (originals reprinted in Microsoft® Encarta 97)

"coolie" (Meyerson essay): Library of Congress / from Photo Researchers, Inc. (reprinted in Microsoft® Encarta 97)

"woman" (Gimenez review): B. Westman


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