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Credits for Volume Two, Number One




Photos/Images (GIFS)

"Liberal freedom in Krommenie" (Yates essay): Albert Hahn, 1907. From De Notenkraker.

"Solidarity" (Gibson essay): Walter Crane, 1889. From Cartoons for the Cause. Call for the first international celebration of May the First, Labor Day.  

"Surreal Hammer and Sickle" (Larsen essay): Rene Magritte (photo: Bridgeman Art Library); retouched by David Siar.

"Baruch Spinoza" (Holland essay): New York Public Library.

"Mosquito Coast" (Parker essay): M. Timothy O'Keefe; retouched by David Siar.

"Kodak's Rochester" (Zaidi essay): Jim Neilson.

"Soupbowl" (Bruzina poems): Campbell's Soup Company; retouched by David Siar.

"Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan" (Neilson review): Brian Hamill.


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