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"Post-Modern Syllogism" by James W. Stoner


Post-Modern Syllogism

James W. Stoner


One truth has gone
And now anything goes,
It depends on where you stand.

What is left is imminent,
Contingent reality,
Devoid of external fixed points,

There is no grand narrative,
Just fragmented souls
With microscopic stories,

Stories that are storyless
And can not be told,
A language of an I, and of its own.

Ultimate reality is created
By social reality ­
Just empty concepts and categories

That extend nowhere,
Except as arbitrarily assigned
By the isolated unsubstantiated mind.

Thus two red apples are not red
Thus two plus two is five
Thus right is wrong and wrong is right.
                                                                                 Left is right of right.





Contents copyright © 2002 by James W. Stoner.

Format copyright © 2002 by Cultural Logic, ISSN 1097-3087.