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Cultural Logic Index, Volume Three, Numbers One and Two


Volume 3, Number 1


Theodore W. Allen

"'Race' and 'Ethnicity':
History and the 2000 Census"

Teresa L. Ebert

"Left of Desire"

John Bellamy Foster

"Global Ecology and the Common Good"

Richard E. Joines

"Contretemps: Derrida's Ante and the Call of Marxist Political Philosophy"

William O'Meara

"Marx's Atheism and the Ideal of Self-Realization"

Kelly Rusinack & Chris Lamb

"'A Sickening Red Tinge':
The Daily Worker's Fight Against White Baseball"

Special Section:

The Legacies of
Michael Sprinker

Editors' Introduction

Alan Wald

"Committed to the End"

Tom Lewis

"Philosophical Realism and the Aesthetic in Michael Sprinker's Literary Criticism"

Jamie Owen Daniel

"Achieving Subjectlessness:
Reassessing the Politics of Adorno's
Subject of Modernity"

Anthony Jarrells

"Vulgarity Squared:
Marxism and the Interest of Taste"

Neil Larsen

"Michael Sprinker Remembered"

Michael Sprinker

"From Prague to Paris:
Formalism as a Method of Literary Study"

A Michael Sprinker Bibliography



Volume 3, Number 2


Special Section:

Reclaiming Identity

Editors' Introduction

Paula M. L. Moya

"Introduction: Reclaiming Identity"

Satya P. Mohanty

"The Epistemic Status of Cultural Identity:
On Beloved and the Postcolonial Condition"

Susanne Soederberg

"Political Restructuring of Exploitation:
An Historical Materialist Account of the Emergence of Neoliberalism in Canada"

Sophia A. McClennen

The Economy of Transnational Media Culture"

Andrew Kurtz

"Repurposing the Workplace:
Hegemony and the Contested Spaces of the Internet"

Gregory Meyerson

"Rethinking Black Marxism:
Reflections on Cedric Robinson and Others"


Fredric Jameson's The Cultural Turn: Selected Writings on the Postmodern 1983-1998

Reviewed by Colin Mooers

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's Empire

Reviewed by Ronaldo Munck

Edward Said's The End of the "Peace Process": Oslo and After

Reviewed by Haidar Eid

Esther Leslie's Walter Benjamin:
Overpowering Conformism

Reviewed by Mike Wayne


Zoë Anglesey

Two Poems

Norman J. Olson

Two Poems



Contributors' Notes, 3.1 and 3.2





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