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Call for Essays

Subject: Call for Essays for Edited Book
Call for Submissions: Communication and Global Engagement Across Cultural Boundaries
 Editors: Regina Williams Davis and Andrea Patterson-Masuka. 
Publisher: Kendall/ Hunt Publishing Company.
Abstract Deadline: September 2, 2014.  
Essay Submission Deadline: October 1, 2014
Submit essays to: <


Communication for Global Engagement Across Cultural Boundaries is an edited book under contract with Kendall/ Hunt Publishing Company. We are looking for a few additional essays to complete our collection.

This project is a collection of essays and case studies that situates intercultural communication for global understanding and engagement. While the over-arching approach is from a critical communication perspective, authors may use a variety of approaches to study intercultural communication. Recommended topics include, but are not limited to:

Intercultural Communication and Globalization

Social Justice: Shattering the Intercultural Silence

Popular Culture

Intercultural Relationships

The Culture of Capitalism and Democracy

Race in a Post-Obama Era

Culture and Eco-Justice

Immigration and Border Crossing

Education Abroad

Submission Procedure:

Each author will be asked to send with their essay five open-ended questions to spark classroom discussion.  This reader will be written primarily for undergraduates who are studying intercultural communication. Potential contributors should submit a short biographical sketch (50-150 words) along with a brief abstract (500-1000 words) stating your essay's central theme and purpose. Mention in your abstract which of the aforementioned topics your chapter fits.  All essays must be received by September 2, 2014.  All essays must be received by October 1, 2014. All manuscripts must be submitted in APA style 6th edition and double spaced throughout inclusive of notes and reference matter.  For further inquiry, please email: <

Please include a contact number. 

Andrea Patterson-Masuka


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