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Critics and Cultural Producers Unite!

Attention cultural Marxists, critical theorists, media activists, video-jockeys, socialists, agitating artists and cultural producers, workers, political-economists of communication, organic intellectuals, students, materialist post-colonialists, armchair critics of neo-liberal and neo-conservative 'common-sense,' and everyone else that is tired of reading uncritical affirmations and post-historical celebrations on the plethora of commodity spectacles and ideological fantasies of globalizing capitalism and American 'neo-imperialism.'

The editorial board of Relay, an exciting new magazine (published bi-monthly) that conveys and debates current issues of importance to the democratic and pluralist left in Canada (and from around the world), seeks and welcomes new critical contributions to its 'Cultural Front' section.

Relay's editorial board believes that an enlivened 'Cultural Front' -- a network of workers, intellectuals, writers and artists -- is crucial to the re-establishment of a re-organized and viable left politics in Canada and around the world. Relay's editors hope that Relay will contribute to and facilitate new struggles to establish a 'Cultural Front.' To these ends, we welcome

· Reviews and critical interpretations of literature, film, television, local theatrical productions, art galleries and art-exhibits, print-culture, and new CDs, concerts, and musical happenings (we are especially welcoming of work that is oriented by the critical traditions and praxis of Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism).

· Critiques of neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideological discourses in popular media-culture.

· Critical commentaries on recent changes in communication, media, and cultural policy (in Canada and around the world) and the current status of 'media democracy.'

· Coverage of the consolidation of corporate ownership of the cultural industries and resistance to these processes.

· Reports on local and global struggles for alternative (and anti-capitalist) media and discussions of the politics of media activism.

· Accounts of the intersections between cultural identity politics and socialist struggles.

· Critical analysis of the way by which the mainstream and alternative news covers events of political significance.

· Critiques of propaganda efforts in the 'war on terror' and deconstructions of neo-Orientalist representations of 'The Middle East.'

· Discussions of socialist pedagogy and strategies for resisting the privatization of education.

Articles featured in the 'Cultural Front' section in past three issues of Relay include: 'The Indispensable Ken Loach' by Scott Forsyth; 'Taking on The Take' by Corvin Russel; 'For Steve Earle, The Revolution Starts Now' by Len Bush; 'The Dirt of Pretty Things in Dirty Pretty Things' by Tanner Mirrlees; 'The Politics of Vera Drake' by Doug Williams; 'A Debate on Canadian Cultural Policy at the Gladstone Hotel' by Carol Conde; 'Pushing The Limits of The Corporation' by Greg Albo; 'A Review of Yousef Karsh's Industrial Portraits, 'Art and the Sleeping Giant' by Elaine Whittaker; 'Mark Lombardi's Global Networks at the AGO' by Samantha Fodor; 'A Review of David Mandel's Labour After Communism' by John Riddel; and 'Empire and the Media: An Interview with Robert McChesney,' by Tanner Mirrlees, Greg Albo, and Sam Gindin.

As Relay's writers and audiences are workers, left-academics, union activists, socialists and students, articles should be written in a journalistic style that is accessible, intelligent, and popular. The suggested length of submitted articles should be between 800 and 3000 words.

Please send articles, inquiries, or suggestions for improvement to Tanner Mirrlees at



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