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 MATFEM * Materialist Feminism * represents a powerful theoretical/activist perspective which brings together feminists from all disciplines, united in their desire to build a feminist project for the twenty-first century. This is why we created MATFEM, so we can establish personal and professional networks and, in the process, engage in the collective production of materialist feminist knowledge, frameworks, and politics. Materialist feminist work is distinguished by the claim that the critical perspective of historical materialism is historically necessary and empowering for feminism's oppositional political project. Materialist feminism calls for a consideration of the ways class, divisions of labor, state power, as well as gendered, racial, national and sexual subjectivities, bodies, and knowledges are all crucial to local and global social production. This systemic view--the argument that the materiality of the social consists of class, divisions of labor, state power, and ideology--is one of the distinguishing features of materialist feminist analysis.

We welcome scholars from all disciplines. We especially encourage the participation of graduate students through an atmosphere that is supportive as well as intellectually stimulating. MATFEM is conceived not only as a discussion list but also as a future archive of working papers and published papers (with copyrights cleared by publishers) accessible via ftp, gopher and world wide web. We would like, therefore, to invite anyone interested in this theoretical perspective to participate by exchanging ideas, information, and by contributing to what we hope will become a supportive intellectual community and a substantial Materialist Feminist archive or "virtual library."

Martha E. Gimenez, Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO.
Rosemary Hennessy, English, SUNY at Albany, Albany, N.Y.
Chrys Ingraham, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Russell Sage College, N.Y.


To subscribe to MATFEM send mail to in the message proper write four words only SUB MATFEM FIRSTNAME LASTNAME

You will receive a welcome message with useful information which we encourage you to keep for future reference.


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