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Just Released: 

"The Academics of Publishing"

(ns 48-9, 1998)

With essays by Eyal Amiran, Jim Neilson, Cary Nelson, and more, and interviews with Paul Lauter, William Germano, Niko Pfund, and Cecelia Cancellaro.

Coming in Summer 1999:

"Activism and the Academy"

(ns 50-1, 1999)

From the 1998 George Washington University Conference, with essays by Gerald Graff, Michael Sprinker, Kristin Peterson, Michael Berube, and Laura Kipnis, and interviews with Stanley Aronowitz, Barbara Foley, and Alan Wald.



(ns 50, 1998)

On the current models of academic careers; relation to celebrity culture, academic hierarchies and public sphere. Deadline extended to 1 April 1999.

"Fifties Culture"

Guest edited by Andrew Hoberek. No longer modern, but not yet postmodern, the fifties tendency to figure as the "Sargasso Sea" of the twentieth century has been changed by the new wave of scholars and scholarship. Submission deadline 1 July 1999.

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