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Cultural Logicmarxist theory and practice




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(Names listed alphabetically)

Jeffrey Cabusao
"The Social Responsibility of Filipino Intellectuals in the Age of Globalization and Empire:
An Interview with E. San Juan, Jr. and Delia D. Aguilar"

Alzo David-West
"The Literary Ideas of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il:
An Introduction to North Korean Meta-Authorial Perspectives"

Barbara Foley
"Rhetoric and Silence in Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father"

Grover Furr
"Evidence of Leon Trotsky's Collaboration with Germany and Japan"

Bülent Gökay and Darrell Whitman
"Mapping the Faultlines:
A Historical Perspective on the 2008-2009 World Economic Crisis"

Dave Hill
"Culturalist and Materialist Explanations of Class and “Race”:
Critical Race Theory, Equivalence/Parallelist Theory, and Marxist Theory"

Michele Frucht Levy
"'For We Are Neither One Thing Nor The Other':
Passing for Croat in Vedrana Rudan’s Night"

Gregory Meyerson
"Post-Marxism as Compromise Formation"
(Foreword by E. San Juan, Jr.)

Michael Joseph Roberto
"Crisis, Revolution, and the Meaning of Progress:
The Poverty of Philosophy and its Contemporary Relevance"

Spyros Sakellaropoulos and Panagiotis Sotiris
"Peter Gowan’s Theorization of the Forms and Contradictions of US Supremacy:
A Critical Assessment"

E. San Juan, Jr.
"An African American Soldier in the Philippine Revolution:
An Homage to David Fagen"

Daniel F. Vukovich
"Uncivil Society, or, Orientalism and Tiananmen, 1989"


Paul M. Heideman
Michael E. Brown, The Historiography of Communism

David Schwartzman
Eileen Christ and H. Bruce Rinker, eds., Gaia in Turmoil:
Climate Change, Biodepletion and Earth Ethics in an Age of Crisis


Christopher Barnes
Selected Poems