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Dee Rimbaud: "A New Clean American Dream"

A New Clean American Dream
(for Jerk Van Gay *)
Dee Rimbaud


We have been puritanically purged:
Sanitised in the technological laundromat
Of bible-belted, mythological, silicon-chipped America:
The poetry of graffito and Sappho
Washed out of our dirty, despoiled, collective soul.

Unclean unclean, call out the synthesised bells:
Unclean and obscene, a mesh of fornicating flesh
To be extricated from the slathering sensuality of hell.

Worry not, Mistress of your children's edification:
Where there is science and education
There is unstoppable will: a force for good
That will cleanse us of all gratuitous filth;
And your children will be forever safe
To sleep in the sweet innocence of dry dreams.

We will reduce the seductive syllables of sexuality
To an electro-static hush of perfect tranquillity;
And between your legs they only be able to see
Moon beams and rainbows and chim chim cheree.



*The new rendering of Dick Van Dyke's name by "The TV Guardian":
a device which censors TV subtitles and bleeps out expletives




Contents copyright © 2002 by Dee Rimbaud. "Lipstick" (image) copyright © 2002 by Dee Rimbaud.

Format copyright © 2002 by Cultural Logic, ISSN 1097-3087, Volume 4, Number 2, Spring 2001.