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historical materialism research in critical marxist theory

HISTORICAL MATERIALISM is a new journal which seeks to play a part in the recovery and renewal of the critical and explanatory potential of classical Marxism. It will provide a forum for:

· The reappropriation and refinement of the classical Marxist tradition for emancipatory purposes.

· A genuine and open dialogue between individuals working in different traditions of Marxism.

· Interdisciplinary debate and communication on an international scale between graduates, researchers and academics.

HISTORICAL MATERIALISM wishes to encourage the new generation of Marxists. The advisory editors who support the project and will actively engage with this emergent intellectual community include:

Robert Albritton, Elmar Altvater, Chris Arthur, Jairus Banaji, Roy Bhaskar, Werner Bonefeld, Robert Brenner, Simon Bromley, Peter Burnham, Guglielmo Carchedi, Andrew Chitty, Simon Clarke, Andrew Collier, George Comninel, Geoffrey de Ste. Croix, Frank Deppe, Terry Eagleton, Gregory Elliot, Bob Fine, Heide Gerstenberger, Maurice Godelier, John Haldon, David Harvey, Wolfgang-Fritz Haug, Michael Heinrich, John Holloway, Geoff Kay, Ray Kiely, Michael Lebowitz, Andrew Levine, Peter Linebaugh, Michael Löwy, Joe McCarney, Scott Meikle, Istvan Meszaros, Fred Moseley, Bertell Ollman, John O'Neill, Justin Rosenberg, Mark Rupert, Sean Sayers, Anwar Shaikh, Jens Siegelberg, Hazel Smith, Tony Smith, John Weeks, Chris Wickham, Ellen Meiksins Wood and others.

HISTORICAL MATERIALISM was launched in Autumn 1997
The first issue features articles by:
Ellen Meiksins Wood 'The Non-History of Capitalism'
Colin Barker 'Reflections on Two Books by Ellen Wood'
Esther Leslie 'Woman&Ware, Craving&Corpse in Benjamin's Arcades Project'
John Weeks 'The Law of Value and the Analysis of Underdevelopment'
Michael Lebowitz 'The Silences of Capital'
John Holloway 'A Note on Alienation'
Peter Burnham 'Globalisation: States, Markets and Class Relations'
Tony Smith 'The Neoclassical and Marxian Theories of Technology: A Critical Assessment'
Plus reviews by Elmar Altvater on David Harvey, Heide Gerstenberger on David Parker, Benno Teschke on Guy Bois, Peter Linebaugh on Robin Blackburn and others.
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Historical Materialism invites contributions from a range of disciplines and encourages theoretical as well as historical research in such topics as Capitalism and Crisis, Globalisation, States and Markets, Development, Ecology, Culture and Aesthetics, Gender, Racism, Marxism and the Philosophy of Science, History of Marxism, Class Struggle and Revolution.


Historical Materialism    Research in Critical Marxist Theory

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