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Interests and Submissions


Interests and Submissions


     Cultural Logic -- which has been on-line since 1997 -- is a non-profit, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes essays, interviews, poetry, reviews (books, films, other media), etc. by writers working within the Marxist tradition. The editors will also print responses to work published in earlier issues.

     Texts may be of varying length and may conform to any of the commonly accepted scholarly formats -- e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, Humanities, etc. (Because this is an interdisciplinary journal, we do not demand that contributors adhere to one particular format, with which they might be unfamiliar.)

     All work will appear as pdf documents. Here, then, are CL's current stylistic requirements:

  • Files should be written using Microsoft Word, if possible. (Please do NOT send us pdf documents; we will do the conversions ourselves.)
  • If there are notes, format them as footnotes rather than endnotes.
  • Make dashes two hyphens -- with a space on either side of the dash. (Microsoft Word sometimes automatically converts the hyphens to a dash, if the program has been set to do so.)
  • Double-space after periods.

     Submissions should be sent to the editors as formatted e-mail attachments to:

E. Wayne Ross
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
University of British Columbia
2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

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