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Marxism and Culture series

Marxism and Culture
Pluto Press
General Editors: Michael Wayne and Esther Leslie

This new series aims to revive, renew and develop Marxism as an emancipatory tool for analysing media and cultural practices within capitalism and class society. The series seeks to attract proposals from writers who are able to demonstrate the explanatory power of Marxism to the many students and interested readers presently ill-served by the available literature, subjected as they are to travestied or reductive accounts. The focus is on both contemporary popular culture and the high and avant garde art of the past, brought into connection with a range of pressing issues, such as globalisation, ecology and nature, science, the family, identity, migration and asylum, war, inequality and oppression. Developments in new technologies, their relation to capital and the contradictory role of the intelligentsia within media and culture institutions represent other significant strands. The interplay of social relations with forms of identity -- ethnic, gendered and sexual -- may be addressed. We are also keen to consider proposals that address metatheoretical work on the history of Marxist cultural theory, its methodologies and various currents, as well as assessments of Marxism's relevance to 21st century cultural conditions and contexts. Marxist accounts of rival theoretical outlooks are also welcome. We are confident that there are audiences for studies that emphasise the role of class division and class struggle and invite your proposals.

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